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March 25, 2014


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Beth P

Well its official. I am odd, possibly with a capital "O"... it made me snort with laughter! Play on words, with real Trojan soldiers inside a "real" horse? As opposed to the mythical/historical Trojan horse?

Tee hee, made myself laugh again!


Is this the Beth of the model horse post? If so, will we be getting an update on Augustus Invictus? If not, never mind. Move along.

Beth P

Why yes, yes it is! You know, the "odd" one LOL

I expect an update for Mr Invictus around May, as he has a slew of shows to attend starting in two weeks! Nationals registration is in May so I'll do his "where they are now" article at that time and hopefully Ellen will have a spot to slide it in here. Thanks for asking!


Dear Model Horse Expert:

How do I find out about MH shows/events/whatnot in my area? I could use the content.


Beth P


Using my google foo, I think I found your general area, and I can direct you to some show holders near you. If you go to NAMHSA.org then choose "Find a Member Show by Region"... you look to be in Region 6 (which is also mine)... and you can see dates, shows, the show holder and there is usually a hyperlink to contact them. I would just email to ensure they know you are coming and hopefully can find an entrant to spend some time with you.

I'll be at MITS in May (Lady Lake FL) Palmetto State and MHAL in April (MHAL in in Region 7, Tennessee) and then Nationals is in KY this year right before Breyerfest.

Ack, I've taken over Ellen's blog again! Email me at ebeep99 at yahoo dot com and we can chat!


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