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September 26, 2013


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I knew the model horse world was big, but I had no idea. Would Beth consider starting a blog on the subject? I want to know if Invictus ever gets his NAN qualification.

Beth Patterson

Thank you Ellen and Rodneyssaga, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. I don't have internet access except at work so a fulltime blog might not be possible if it involves lots of hands on time. I can ask around and see what it takes... I would sure enjoy making the posts.

Or, if Ellen would consent I would be happy to send her occasional updates on Invictus and his show results tho, I love sharing my horses' achievements!


I'd be happy to post them. I thought this was pretty interesting.


How flexible/understanding is your workplace? You probably couldn't compose at work. However, given a modicum of freedom, you could write & assemble long posts at home & then upload one every few weeks. More blogs! More things to amuse me!

I'd be happy to help. Ellen can give you my particulars, if you wish.

Beth Patterson

Katherine that is so kind! Let me sleep on the idea and check some things on this end... Perhaps Ellen wouldn't mind giving you my email addy?

I'm offline nights & weekends so I'll be back to answer any additonal questions that folks might post on Monday.

Oh I did forget to include that the model's full show name is Augustus Invictus. As you can see he is showing a an example of a Medieval Destrier type. He is a Mescalero II resin sculpted by Brigitte Eberl of Germany, customized and painted by Danielle Feldman of the USA. He was modeled after the painting on the documentation you see in the photo... a painting either by or in the style of Johnn George Von Hamilton.

Just giving credit where due here.....


Incredibly cool!

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