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June 12, 2013


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A small group - fewer than 100 people reading..... Cleverly written as that could be anywhere between 1 ( and I know that it is 1 because I am reading\commenting ) and 99 :-)

karen waldron

Ah, a coke and a smile. I thought of you as I ordered a coke (very out of character) on the flight home on Austrian Air. Thank you for a memorable week in Vienna!


Lord, woman, you are demanding. There are 84 people reading as of right now. Assuming everyone who wanted a password actually reads. So definitely less than 100, and more than just you. ;-)


Yay, runner medals. You go girl!

Also, jealous of person above who got to come to Vienna. I was there eons ago. I remember the Stallions & the toilet in our hotel. Rather than drop into water, the, um, material landed on a shelf & was then swept off. Plus, I remember every detail of the morning training session. The rest of Vienna, not so much.


My husband did the same thing to the window wipers for out Honda Civic - a little piece snapped off and it won't close but hey they work...


But did he pay 50 bucks for them?? Or were they the knock offs at NAPA? My indignity has more to do with Henry looking over my shoulder huramphing about how I should buy his parts instead of knock offs. Yeah, but they should FIT!!!

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