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March 07, 2013


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Susan / ChocoMare

My mom knitted me this sweater as a wee girl and I cried the day it didn't fit anymore. It's done with circular needles. Methinks Hope needs one ;)



ChocoMare I love that pattern. Not sure if I've ever mentioned it but I am Bells on COTH.

How funny - I have kind of the same problem w/a different twist. I love to knit. It is too blanking hot to wear sweaters or scarves for that matter in southern NM. Some days (who am I kidding - most days) it is too hot to even think about knitting.

That said last year I took a trip w/the neighbors to the Grand Canyon to ride the mules down to the bottom (do it - so much fun). As I wasn't a driver, I brought along a project and knitted a Griffendor scarf for my husband. He loves it as he loves Harry Potter but has he been able to wear it? No, as it is just too hot!!

Sometimes I miss New England weather.

Debbie Hanson

Hi ChocoMare and Bells! I'm RNB on COTH. I agree with you Susan....me thinks Hope needs one!! What do you think Ellen??


My dearest ladies, I say this gently. My Hope has an internal furnace that burns brighter than the average bear. She does not wear sweaters. I can occasionally force a hoodie on her, but only if it is *really* cold, and the hoodie ZIPS. So she can escape its evil clutches.

As much as I find this sweater utterly charming, and would happily knit one up, the child would no more wear it than she would wear a hoop skirt.


And, Rose, that is *heartbreaking!* As a process knitter, were I to find myself permanently in a warm location, I imagine I would buy myself a lovely bamboo yarn and set about knitting a shawl. That I might wear to an air conditioned restaurant once, maybe twice. I would then decide the pattern wasn't quite right ... frog and knit another. Lather, rinse, repeat until death (either mine or the bamboo, whichever came first).

Rodney's Saga

For BT fans. The scarf in action: http://rodneyssaga.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/foto-friday-dr-whooves/

Rodney's Saga

re living in a warm climate. I always need a scarf/sweater for overenthusiastic AC. I worked the Atlanta Olympics. The last thing I expected to be was COLD.

Susan / ChocoMare

Well then, Ellen, since you're a wee lady, you'd look right smart in it!


I am a bit like Hope and my furnace runs hot these days. The coldest air conditioning is never too cold. Tell Hope to keep her internal furnace in the northern lands!

Choco I was so into the sweater you posted that I had to go searching and found this lovely free pattern. Not quite the one that you loved as a child. I may just have to knit it just so I can stuff one more sweater into my drawer that looks a bit like Ellen's shelf. http://www.istex.is/Files/Skra_0038178.pdf


Bahha! I loved seeing Rodney in his scarf! How fun was that:)

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