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August 13, 2011


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Katherine Walcott

European Mars bars for me. I've mostly stopped eating candy bars at home as a result. I think it's a different sugar?


Any day you would like to be bored to death with a discussion of Irish place-names and why there are eight of them for each city/county/etc, I'm your girl. ;-)

And my favorite are Galaxy Caramel bars, just in case you were thinking of sending a care package.

Ann E.

Ellen, my dear - Amazon is the new Alice's Restaurant: http://www.amazon.com/Cadbury-Crunchie-Bars-Case-24/dp/tags-on-product/B000EG6G9E


Oh, no. This is a clear case where the acquisition of knowledge is a dangerous thing. :-(


Cadbury is already in the US (they purchased Adams a few years ago) and yes Kraft did buy a part of Cadbury now. My mother retired as a Cadbury employee a few years ago. I will see if they have any Crunchie's in the company store!


Sweet sweet sweet!

Debbie Hanson

As an admitted choco-holic....I must now find and sample the mysterious Crunchie bar.


I'll scout around for one. If I manage to score one, I'll send it along. Ha! Kidding! If I manage to score *one* I will eat it. If I can find *two* you can have one. ;-)

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