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August 09, 2011


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lynne s of oz

Oh boy, I would say I am super jealous that you've seen the Book of Kells, but I drove for 7 hours to see it when it was in Australia. And the page open that day was really crappy. Sigh.
I am really enjoying your tales. Thanks for sharing them.


What bad luck! It really was gorgeous. Given the climate in Ireland, it is astonishing to me that it has survived this long intact.

And thanks for your kind comments; I write for myself, and am always a little chuffed when other people chime in. ;-)

Ron & Rachel

Hi Ellen! Love the blog, so glad to see other bloggers out there. They are alot of work, but such a good time capsule for yourself. It was great meeting up with you guys in Ireland. Can't wait to read more of your tales :)


I wonder whether your children are more knowledgable than I am in many areas.

Debbie Hanson

Monica...they are most definitely more knowledgeable than I am....in all areas!

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