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August 30, 2011


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"None of you will ask how I know this because it is blatantly obvious." - poor Jeff. When will he ever learn?

There has been an explosion in specific-use playground equipment here, including those kind of zip lines and tightrope setups. I have to admit, though, I miss the basic silver-set-of-pipes, on which you could bash your teeth, fall in an untold number of ways, and use your IMAGINATION to play on them. I'm just really not a fan of one-way-to-play equipment. I know, litigation. And being "inviting." I mean, kids shouldn't have to THINK to play, should they? (not your kids, obviously, as I am quite sure they are perfectly capable of making a grand day out of set-of-metal-pipes.)

They DO make pretty awesome looking playgrounds. And that slide and swing are beyond cool. :)

Debbie Hanson

I have nothing clever to add.....but wanted you to know that I can not help laughing every time I think about the 'pusher' doing a face plant. Carry on!

lynne s of oz

Awesome! I want some! Kids' play equipment in Oz is exactly that. It's too small for big kids like me (though it is funny when I sit on the elephant on a spring and it slowly falls over sideways).


Brave children!

Outdoor Fitness Equipments

Great! outdoor play are actually needed, as in today's scenario many kids spend their lot of time in front of TV which is not good for their health, they need outside activities, sunshine and fresh air.

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