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July 18, 2011


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looks like you have the same weather as the British Open

Cathy (Nipntuck)

Y'all look cold! I really enjoy seeing the world vicariously through your blog.


Vicariously is an excellent vantage point, especially now. ;-)

Yes, Jen, we've been watching the Open on pub TV. Miserable weather to try an earn a golfing paycheck.

Debbie Hanson

Actually....I DO wish I was there! That would mean I was on a real vacation!


I'm with Debbie - I wish I were there no matter what the weather!


We were at the pro shop of a local golf club where I saw my first "wet suit" sold for golfing. Any wonder that an Irishman won that British Open?


Summer here inShanghai is totally another season.

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