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July 11, 2011


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MaryAnn The Farm Wife at Jaklamas

I simply DO NOT ski so the coffee part sounds just lovely. Menfolk leaving with children. Heavenly. Summer Camp? Pool yes.

Karen W

Raclette! I love the French Alps and their Raclette!


Heated pool, MaryAnn. Heated bliss was more like it. ;-)

And the rachlette! Oh my heavens. We were eating a lovely, healthy salad and veg filled dinner last night and as I chewed and chewed like a rabbit, all I could think about raclette!


Surely Jennie or I have told you about summer glacier skiing on Mt Hood in Oregon? Yes?

I won a trip for seven days, six nights at the Timberline Lodge (one of the National Parks grand lodges) in June. All expenses paid except, as it turned out, food. And as you can imagine, with zero competition for food, it was ultra expensive. But I digress. Neither Jennie nor I ski above blue (well, maybe she does now), and all that is open in the summer on the glacier is black. They run world class ski and snowshoe racing/competition programs, so there were a lot of Very Serious Athletes and no one else. None of them shoved anyone, so far as I knew (though they did laugh when I fell over in line). Fortunately, they were WAY over there on that side of the glacier and we stayed WAY over here on this side of the glacier, which was a Very Good Choice. Seeing as my trip down went something like this: Go directly across the width of the run while descending approximately one foot, fall down. While down, "turn" the other direction by flipping skis over. Get up, go the width back again and another foot down the slope, fall down. "Turn." Repeat. I finally got to where I could even turn BEFORE I fell down! That was awesome. (Poor Jennie serious damaged her ankle at the very top and had to walk down. :( )

So yes, I knew people skied on glaciers. I am here to report, though, that the OTHER five days were spent much more luxuriously hiking, watching people summit the mountain, gazing at gorgeous scenery, and driving down off the mtn for a visit at a brewery. But the bed...OH! the bed... Okay, I'll stop now. :)


More familiar faces! More fun!

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