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March 11, 2008


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Susan (ChocoMare)

Whew. Ok. Now I feel better. At least there's something here! :)

Ohhhhh Muuuuuuse! Yooo hoooo...... come out, come out, where you are! LOL

Love ya Ellen!


I thought perhaps you were still swooning from The Backstreet Boys concert. I pictured you reclining on a divan, dabbing rose water on your wrists and temples.

Cathy (Nipntuck)

Roast a whole goat. Hmmm. Yes, perhaps I am too far from my food source. We are looking forward to your Muse's return after her well earned holiday.


Glad to hear you are OK, I was was starting to get a little worried.

Im reading this even more anxious these days as there is a "stationing" possibility for us coming up. reading your Blog really helps :)


Roasted whole goat? Mundane? Must taste like chicken . . .


The problem with living in a foreign place, of course, is that after a while, it ceases to be "foreign." So, yes, roasted whole goat sounds pretty mundane.

And, truly, I was still swooning from the BSB concert. We stayed up way, way past our usual bedtime, and got all thrown off on sleeping. So, that did contribute a bit to my muse heading off. I think perhaps she was just catching a bit of shut eye. ;-)


ok, but i too stopped reading your blob (ooopps! blog!) for about a month. I don't know. mostly, i read it when i, ahem, pump milk for the really wee one; and i just moved on to CNN. And recently, my TAXES. But, i'm back (my taxes being on the verge of being mailed out). And maybe your muse will return too. After all, sometimes creativity needs some time to fill up a bit.

And with tomorrow being March 31st, i at least will have some blog entries (more than likely) to read while i continue to supply the un-latching baby.


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