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March 03, 2008


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Susan (ChocoMare)

Aha! So you've been introduced to the REAL game of badminton....not the "backyards-of-America" version with a net so high you need a crane to see over it.

I know of real Badminton because I played it competitively in high school. I loved it! Much faster than tennis, much more intense and much more exciting.


I remember the first time we saw badminton being played in Malaysia. Although "played" wasn't really an appropriate description. "Waged" (as in war) might be a better term. Good golly, Miss Molly! Those men (always men, never women, that we saw, anyway) take their badminton seriously. And the vertical leaps on those dudes!! They would put the NBA's best to shame.


i like the Greek athletes in the background. Did they inspire you?

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