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March 12, 2008


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My guess is that it makes people feel important to drive with the arrows pointing at them.

I remember the days of shopping with my bike, but alas, the City has grown larger and more scary, and somebody turned up the gravity while I wasn't looking.


In Canada it is legal for a person to turn right on a red light! Except in Quebec.. but they just like to be different.

Jennie (Kementari)

In most parts of the US one is allowed to turn right on red, too. The sticking point, though, is that one is required to stop first: I am guessing that is where the China vs US Cultural Driving Divide crops up... ;-)

True story, though: In Idaho (as of 2003, anyway), a bicyclist is not required to stop for a stop sign so long as it would be said cyclist's turn anyway. Perhaps this is due to immigration patterns that have resulted in a large Asian population in the Pacific Northwest...


The joke about right turn on red was really meant to poke fun at what I suspect is a complete absence of all traffic regulation. There might not be ANY laws. I'm not sure if you can or can't turn right on read - but I am pretty sure that no-one cares. ;-)

But on second thought, there MUST be some kind of regulation? Why else would someone (a) make a right turn on red, (b) u-turn, (c) turn right again to continue straight, when they could simply run the initial red light? Ah, well, mine is not to question why, mine is to close my eyes and hold on tight.


You go girl!

But, i do recommend you get a crate for the back of your bike. You can connect it to your rack back there with plumbers rings. i used one like that and still have it. It's amazing how much you can carry in it. Then you have crate, basket, and some groceries hanging from your arms. Panniers might also help.

DO NOT USE A BACKPACK. If you do fall, get hit by car, etc; you do NOT want anything hard on your back that could cause impact fractures on your spine. I knew a man who had a flashlight in his back pocket and fell off. Parapalegic. I know stories like this are rare, but the spine is not designed to have anything pressed into it. Especially if from a fast impact.

I have done my duty!


Danger duly noted. I can't really imagine myself trying to bike with a backpack - I'm pretty unsteady about the whole thing, given my tragic bike riding history. But the crate! Now there is a great idea! The difficulty will be in locating such an item ... but I see them around, so surely one can be located!

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