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February 03, 2008


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Thank you for saving me from having to look up "LDA" - I was trying to work out something involving "Latter Day Saints"... CLEARLY on the wrong path there. So your explanation was not in vain.

Having grown up in New Hampshire, where our swimming pool consisted of a plastic, above ground, rectangular thing mainly used by suicidal squirrels and chipmunks during the 3 weeks in July when the weather was warm enough that we could convince our parents it was warm enough to swim... I had to look up "infinity pool". And found, on Wikipedia, this gem:

One quite significant restriction to the design is that the pool is not particularly "child friendly" as typical behaviour by children using pools is by "bombing" the pool, creating as much splash and wave action as possible. Obviously this would cause premature evacuation of the pool water, as the resulting waves surged over the weir. For this reason, "vanishing edge" pools are usually installed in homes that have limited access for—or at least very well-controlled—children.

Are we surprised?

I hope you don't experience too much premature evacuation during your vacation. That would be sad.


Just curious Ellen....do you request homes with 1960s Rat-Pack Vegas decor or are you just lucky???? :)

Jennie (Kementari)

"Premature evacuation" sounds quite unpleasant...

(I had to look up "infinity pool," too, as the only definition I was familiar with was one of those treadmill-type pools - which would be even LESS appropriate for wee children!)


Debbie, we are cheese magnets. ;-)

Premature evacuation?!?!? I love Wiki!! I worry more about losing Hope, though, as Tom sets up a little wave action, I'm always a little concerned she's going to wash over the edge.


Ok, now i'm horrified! It IS a drop into nothing!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!


oh, i see. The children are wearing parachutes...


HA! It's not exactly a drop into nothing. Not precisely a drop into nothing. There is a little shelf about ten feet down that the water splashes into so it can be recycled. So not TOTALLY nothing. Just, mostly. Nothing.

Infinity pools are really pretty. And not at all terrifying if you are splashing around. A little worrisome I suppose if you are really worried about losing a kid over the edge, but Tom is pretty big now, and Hope has, ahem, a low-ish center of gravity. ;-)


A post-party Hollywood guest would have even more trouble with those stairs than a three-year-old human - or was that just my college days?

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