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February 20, 2008


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Saves all of that pesky beheading...

When we'd went camping as kids our favorite breakfast meal (besides sugar-saturated cinamon rolls) was to catch a trout, gut it, dip it in cornmeal and fry it whole in a cast iron pan with butter. We'd eat as much of it as possible: there's a tasty dollop of meat behind the eye (cheek?) on many fish and I believe some of us ate the eyeballs. The skin is great (on trout, other fish forget it). Never tried the bones but I think one of the fins is mostly edible.


That's kind of horrifying! I don't love seafood anyways, but that is just beyond my ability to be adventurous. Are they all scaly in there, or is that part of gutting them? And fins, and eyeballs? I would have to be soooooo hungry!


Trout! That's right! I even watched Jeff do this once, now that I am reminded! A whole trout, dipped in cornmeal and then pan fried. I do think, though, that there has to be some canceling out of the "goodness" of eating fish - the deep fat they are fried in somehow marries up with the Omega-6s and there is some kind of nutritional war zone?? I don't know.

And JL, yeah, the scales are all on there. I have no idea of these are meant to be trout on steriods, and so maybe the scales are edible? But, note, these fellas have been sitting in my supermarket for three days now. And I'm *pretty* sure they are not cycling new fish in on a daily basis.

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