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February 19, 2008


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I saw Prince during the Purple Rain era, in an arena in Rotterdam, The Hague (Holland). Not quite as socio-ethnographically interesting, but still . . .


...but still very interesting! Although, you have to admit Prince during the Purple Rain ear was still at the apex of his career. These guys, maybe not so much.


Ahahahahahahahhaha! Who's their opening act? Wham? Oh wait, that was the 80s.


They look like white dwarfs to me! Wiki says that white dwarfs are also called degenerate dwarfs! Honest! I ain't makin' this up!

But, the definition for black dwarfs is even MORE appropriate! Hmmmmm. Knowing Ellen, she already looked all this up.


Jealous. You are all just jealous. 10k miles away and I can feel the jealousy oooozzing off of you. ;-)

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