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February 18, 2008


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I have to say....I too find it rather odd that there are no people around, given the number of people in China. Perhaps they built the whole city just for you guys! :)


Really odd. I think part of the problem is that we're so far on the edge of town, and the transportation infrastructure isn't quite finished yet (there's one subway line that gets here, but there is another that will be completed in 2009 that should really open the area up), plus a lot of the housing seems to be luxury. And while there are a few people who can afford that sort of thing, most of the university students who are graduating and landing jobs can't swing anywhere near the price of some of these units. I'd love to come back in five years, then in ten to see where this place has gone.


Just today (feb 22, 2008), a financial analyst said that China is over building and cannot maintain this type of growth building forever (aka don't invest there). The other guy said growth to come for a long time. I guess they are over building.

No need to write on the Rape of Nanking. Just the name is enough.

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