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February 25, 2008


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Anne H

What lovely photos!

I am so enjoying your tales of your adventures in China - thanks for taking the time to post them.


Is that a faux Prada purse you're carrying??? :) I am lovin' your blog Ellen. It's kinda like my own little 3 minute vacation each day!!!


The picture of you cuddling up with the chicken really cracked me up!


Faux Prada??? What makes you think it's faux??? That would be, um, piracy, wouldn't it??? ;-)

To Anne H and Gen, glad you like the stories and photos. I do love me some chicken whenever I can.


> The associated explained that the raven had told the wolf
> that the goat would rescue it again. Ok, that mystery cleared
> up (not), we moved on.

Actually, it makes lots of sense. If he got one goat to come help him and then got to eat it, surely another would come along and help him again. The raven tricked him into thinking he has an easy way to lure (and capture) prey. But I bet once back in the hole, the raven probably passed the word about the wolf, sealing his fate ;o) Great blog, love the culture study.

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