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February 26, 2008


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Even with the problems it may have...I'm feeling much much better about (and thankful for) the food processing and handling in the US now, thanks! I'm not particularly squeamish about things, but at least I'm pretty confident that my meat hasn't been riding around on the back of a motorbike.

Margo (from COTH BB)


just to add to your knowledge, generally pig intestines are used for sausage casings, so that's prob what was on the line drying. Chicken guts are pretty little. Yes, my grandmother made sure I knew how to gut and butcher a chicken.


It just seems like a lot of pigs would need to die for that much intestine! Not that it isn't possible that half a dozen pigs get processed in that particular back alley every week or so, but it just seems like a lot of intestine. I was thinking something smaller, like chicken or fish, because so many of them die every day, generating the veritable mounds of intestine we see here. But, what do I know? I raised chickens and chauffeured them to their doom, but I let Processor Bob actually do the dirty work for me. I never saw their intestines.

And Margo, I am never confident that my meat hasn't been riding around on the back of a motorscooter. So, while life in a serviced apartment might not technically qualify as "wild and wooly" there are some aspects of living in China that are just always going to be very, vastly, dramatically, hugely, and some days unbelievably different than western living.


Heard about pigs flying...but riding motorcycles...that's a new one.


Intestines are very LOOOOONG. Think surface area for absorption. The longer, the more absorptive. Granted, that's prob more than one pig. But, i bet the dryer buys the intestines from the butcher or IS the butcher or the butcher's family.

I just wonder, considering the whole sanitation thang, if the intestines are WASHED OUT. I'll just leave you with that thought... : )

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