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June 29, 2009


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Ann Ezzell

You forgot (or perhaps you don't know, in which case, I apologize for bringing this up... or not ;-)

Anyway... you forgot to mention the infamous "durian tahi gajah". At least, that's what it's called in Malay. That would be "elephant sh!t durian".

Yes, folks, apparently sometimes an elephant swallows an intact durian, which eventually emerges from the other end. Even more fragrant than normal.

And this is viewed as a MAJOR four star delicacy by some.

Don't believe me? Go ahead - Google "durian tahi gajah". 20,000 hits when I checked. It's real, folks.

Scary, but real.

DO enjoy your next meal.


Sounds like the Civit cat coffee. Google that!

They sell those fruits in the Asian markets here. Frozen. I may have to try it....


But the civet coffee is just an alternative way to, um, process it. It's still coffee-y.

I'd love to try durian if only because I've read/heard so much about it.

Debbie Hanson

So....how much does one of these little beauties cost???


I would imagine an elephant Durian would still be "Durian-y"...but equally appealing to me as Civit-processed coffee...

Perhaps the two delicacies need to be enjoyed together, thinking about it.

Anna L.

It sounds like Paperwhite daffodils. Some people LOOOOOVE theor smell; other people, not so much. I discovered which i was when i got home after work, opened the front door, and thought, "I've REALLLLY got to take the garbage out!" The Paperwhites my boyfriend gave me had bloomed.


Just checked the market. Durian is $6.99 a pound here. It has a vaguely musky odor, kind of like an overripe pineapple left in the gym. I don't think I'm willing to pop the $$$$ to try it, though. Sometimes I see cellophane-wrapped slices. Maybe then.

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